WEBSITE REVAMP: Spring Cleaning for the Marketing Mind

I have been helping a friend and former colleague rework his website, updating the copy and migrating him over to WordPress. I had helped write the copy and manage the design and production of his original website years ago, working with a talented designer I know. But this time, given my experience building websites and reasonable proficiency with WordPress, I was able to handle the redesign on my own.

While working on this project, I realized that it had been awhile since I revisited the copy and design of my own marketing communications website. And that led me to a slight redesign, featuring drop-down menus, along with a wholesale reworking of the content for that site. In fact, I added a staggering 30 pages of new content, both informational and educational in nature, to better showcase my experience and expertise.

One of the interesting side effects of this has been the opportunity to revisit my past experiences in the profession, all three decades of them. It has also caused me to rethink many of the aspects of the business, some of which I have not delved into for several years. This has brought renewed clarity to my professional thoughts and approach, as well as rejuvenated my passion for the business and hunger for new challenges. Stay tuned!